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Expert Distribution Ltd – On-Site Management

Expert Distribution currently provide and offer an on-site transport management service.  This is something that has proven to be a big success, due to the years of experience we have in the industry, and the outstanding level of service we have been able to offer.  We believe that having our own staff on site gives us a real hands on approach instead of operating from a distance like many hauliers today.  This also allows the customer to use their employees time in a more productive manor. Whilst still involving the customer in the day to day transport activities we can take away all of the pressure of managing goods inbound/outbound, which can often be a burden on staffing and costs.  Our basic approach is to understand what the customer requires, apply the core resource to meet service levels and manage on site.

If your business requires on-site transport management please feel free to contact us on 01244 281 522 or click here for our contact us page