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Expert Distribution Limited – About Us

Expert Distribution was formed in 2015, they saw a gap in the market for their bespoke services, with a very hands on approach the business began expanding. When customers started to see the service, they realised how using Expert Distribution could significantly benefit their operation. The business grew from strength to strength and the fleet rapidly expanded.

Now in its third year Expert Distribution are working for a vast array of customers, ranging from small businesses to large 4PL organisations, operating a fleet of 18 Modern vehicles, the most popular being Volvo, and a fleet of 25 Trailers.

 Expert Distribution employ a 25 strong workforce and aim to be one of the household names of the Transport Industry, supplying its bespoke, problem solving services up and down the nation from our headquarters in Deeside.

If your business could benefit from a professional logistics team contact Expert Distribution on 01244 281 522 or click here

When It Comes to Logistics, Turn to Expert!